Tattoo Removal

NanoSecond Medical Laser is considered to be the most effective laser system in terms of tattoo removal. It works by cracking the ink of tattoo with its high short spur of energy, then macrophages in our body can engulf the fragmented ink and carried them away from the site. The colour of tattoo will gradually decrease with repeated treatment sessions, however the number of treatment sessions required are very much dependent on the colour of tattoo.


  • NanoSecond Medical Laser

    NanoSecond Medical Laser

    NanoSecond Medical Laser is a non-ablative laser system with wavelength at Nd:YAG 1064nm and KTP 532 nm. The nanosecond setting delivers energy in a very short pulse and can effectively fragment dermal pigments, like cracking the big biscuits into small pieces, so that macrophages are able to engulf and remove the pigment fragments away, it can be used not only to treat epidermal pigments such as solar lentigo, freckles and café au lait spots, but deep dermal pigments such as Naevus of Ota. With its high fast short pulse, it can also induce dermal collagen production and hence skin texture.