Neck Creases

No matter how much effort you put on your face to keep you look young, you neck can discretely disclose your age secret. Neck crease is considered the most difficult to treat area as skin over this area is very delicate, thin and highly mobile, and more readily to form wrinkles and creases.



  • Botulinum Toxin for Derma-lifting

    Botulinum Toxin for Derma-lifting

    Dermalift is one of the Botulinum toxin (BTx) injection techniques for creating dermal lifting effect in selected candidates. Unlike usual injection technique for reducing wrinkles and expression lines, Botulinum toxin solution will be diluted and injected as depots into subdermal area to create a derma-lifting effect and also helps to improve fine lines. It has been quite a popular injection technique in conjunction with other non-surgical lifting treatments and its derma-lifting effect can be quite detectable in selected candidates.

  • Dermal Filler

    Dermal Filler

    Dermal tissue filler has been widely used in aesthetic medicine, Hyaluronic acid is considered as most commonly used material, it is a naturally occurring polysaccharides distributing throughout dermis, epithelial and neural tissue to provide support of dermal structure and hydration to skin. However, the production of Hyaluronic acid will gradually decline with age, hormonal changed and excessive sun exposure. Skin then begins to lose its fullness and elasticity and result the presence of dehydrated and sunken texture , static lines and wrinkles.

    Replenishing deprived hyaluronic acid via injecting directly into dermal layers help rehydrating the skin and restoring weakened dermal support, and hence improvement of deep grooves and lines and improve the overall facial contouring. Common areas of treatment include tear-trough deformity, sunken and sagging mid-cheek, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, sunken temple areas, as well to enhance nasal bridge, chin and lip. Normally exogenous hyaluronic acid can last 6 – 9 months but duration does vary individually. They will be gradually dissolved and eventually excreted. Possible post injection phenomenon include transient swelling, redness and bruise, normally it will subside within 1 week. However, it is not recommended for pregnant, epileptic patients, drug allergy to anesthetic, and those on blood thinning medications such as warfarin and aspirin.

  • Epidermal Exfoliating Treatment

    Epidermal Exfoliating Treatment

    Epidermal Chemical Exfoliating Treatment is a treatment of removing unhealthy and photodamaged superficial epidermal layer by means of various concentration Alpha Hydroxyl Acid or Beta Hydroxyl Acid. It helps to reviatlize skin rejuvenation, in particularly to those having photodamaged skin after excessive sun exposure, aging skin and post-pubertal keratosis pilaris to lateral surface of arm and thighs / legs, in order to restore smoothness of skin.

    It can also help to reduce pigmentary unevenness and trying to bring the unevenness to a relatively balanced state.

    It has been shown that AHA and BHA has anti-aging effect with delaying aging skin and sebum controls especially in acne prone skin.

    Recommended treatment areas include the following:
    > Face, neck and dorsal surface of hands where excessive sun can be exposed to.
    > Back area where hyperkeratosis and recurrent acne problems can be an issue.
    > Lateral surface of arm where Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is well located.
    > Delaying aging skin

    Remainders :

    > There can be transient skin erythema and epidermolysis after treatment, it can take up to 1 week to become normalized.
    > Different concentration and agents would be selected with care for each individual in order to achieve the optimal result
    > Treatment session is advised at 4 weeks interval.

  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing

    Fractional Laser Resurfacing

    Fractional laser technology is designed to combine the merits of conventional ablative laser resurfacing (effective) and non-ablative laser procedures (safe). Fractional laser with wavelength 1550nm works via the principle of fractional photo-thermolysis where laser creates small microscopic columns (2-4mm) on skin. At sites where the microscopic columns penetrate the skin, they will induce collagen formation, and hence to improve the skin texture. Since the microscopic columns are intercepted by normal skin, healing occurs at a much faster rate and side effects are fewer than if the whole area had been ablated. Through generation of new collagen, it helps to improve acne scarring, tighten skin, reduce pore size and fine lines, and to improve traumatic or surgical scar.


    • Suggested treatment interval is 4 - 6 weeks, and number of treatment sessions is subjected to medical evaluation and response of each subsequent treatment. As for acne scarring, it normally takes 6 - 8 treatment sessions to see the best possible result.
    • Factional Laser has much speedy recovery compared to traditional microdermabrasion.
    • It can combine with other phototherapy treatment.
  • Laser Toning / Rejuvenation

    Laser Toning / Rejuvenation

    Laser rejuvenation is a comprehensive non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment. With principle of the selective photothermolysis, laser systems with different wavelength have been employed to achieve desirable effects in terms of improving, restoring and repairing skin damage from aging and sun exposure, and also reduce pore size, even out skin tone and improve skin texture.

  • Neck ReVitalizing Therapy

    Neck ReVitalizing Therapy

    We always focus to rejuvenate our face, but neck area can easily be left out. Skin of neck has alwasys been delicate and more susceptible to external hazards and can easily expose our age secret no matter how well excellent we have kept our facial skin. The dermal collagen and elastin of will be lost gradually due to aging process and excessive sun exposure.

    Such situation can be improved via advancing aesthetic medical technology.

    1) Dermal Filler to fill the deep neck creases and can effectively lighten them, and hence returns its smooth texture.

    2) Fractional Laser with CRYO Ultra Activator can be used to smoothen the skin coarseness.

    3) Laser Toning / Rejuvenation aims to remove uneven pigmentary changes or sun spots resulting from excessive sun exposure. Together with CRYO Ultra Activator, it can further rejuvenate and rehydrates skin.

    4) Monopolar Radiofrequency (Thermage CPT) can induce collagen remodelling and hence new collagen synthesis follows.

    5) High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU for Face) can target the weakening muscle and tighten it, and hence improve the sagging and loosening neck condition.

  • Polydioxanone Thread for Eye, Nose and Face

    Polydioxanone Thread for Eye, Nose and Face

    PDO, Polydioxanone, has been used as a suture material in surgeries for over 30-40 years, it will dissolve gradually in vitro and has been CE approved.

    What PDO does in vitro to achieve its tightening and lifting effect?

    • Stimulate micro-circulation

    • Improve tissue metabolism

    • Neocolleganesis

    • Creating a supporting frame in subdermal area

    • Stimulate the sagging muscle and hence to refine the facial contouring.

    5 advantages of PDO threadings:

    • Immediate effect

    • Minimal invasive approach for lifting

    • Collagen remodeling

    • Skin tightening effect

    • Lasting effect for 12-18 months

    N-Cog Y-Ko (Nose) for reshaping the nasal contour

    • Create a bony like support when reshaping the nasal bridge

    • Create a perfect lifting angle for nose tip and nasal contouring

    • Lasting effect

    Derma Spring (EYE):

    • Specifically designed for peri-orbital delicate area

    • Tightening lower eye and tear-trough area

    • Improve dark circle, tear trough sunkenness and lighten crow’s feet.

  • Thermage CPT

    Thermage CPT

    Physiological aging process resulted in gradual losing of dermal collagen and connective tissue, leading to wrinkle formation and skin sagginess. Thermage CPT is a safe, FDA approved, non-invasive, mono-polar radiofrequency (RF) procedure that is clinically proven to help smooth and improve skin for an overall younger looking appearance. The treatment delivers electric current which penetrates down the skin and converts into heat energy to initiate dermal collagen remodeling and hence induction of new healthy collagen production, and at the same time, the heat energy can also tighten fine fibrous septum intersecting in dermal layer and result strengthen the anchoring effect. However, those are pregnant, had mental implants, wearing pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices are not suitable for Thermage treatment.

    Clinically proven effective treatment area:

    Peri-orbital area: Sagging upper and lower eyelid area, reduce peri-orbital fine lines, improve drooping eyelid and eyebrow.

    Face: Treating lower face aging signs such as sagging jowl area, improve deepening nasolabial folds.

    Body: Loosening skin under arm, abdomen (after losing weight or post-delivery), wrinkling skin around thighs, buttocks or above knee area.

    Thermage can be used to treat skin colour of any type, however the treatment result may be subjected to individual response, lifestyle, age and condition at presentation, and the duration of result may be varied as well.

    Time required for Thermage treatment varies according to treatment areas, numbing cream will be applied for an hour on treatment area. There will be heat feeling during treatment and the skin will be protected from the heat by cryo-cooling of the machine.