Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial Folds are the deep grooves extending from the nasal alars to the corner of mouth, it is formed owing to gradual loss of dermal connective tissue and collagen, together with sagging of mid-face skin. Also, it can be present even in younger age group with strong smiling muscle of face.


  • Dermal Filler

    Dermal Filler

    Dermal tissue filler has been widely used in aesthetic medicine, Hyaluronic acid is considered as most commonly used material, it is a naturally occurring polysaccharides distributing throughout dermis, epithelial and neural tissue to provide support of dermal structure and hydration to skin. However, the production of Hyaluronic acid will gradually decline with age, hormonal changed and excessive sun exposure. Skin then begins to lose its fullness and elasticity and result the presence of dehydrated and sunken texture , static lines and wrinkles.

    Replenishing deprived hyaluronic acid via injecting directly into dermal layers help rehydrating the skin and restoring weakened dermal support, and hence improvement of deep grooves and lines and improve the overall facial contouring. Common areas of treatment include tear-trough deformity, sunken and sagging mid-cheek, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, sunken temple areas, as well to enhance nasal bridge, chin and lip. Normally exogenous hyaluronic acid can last 6 – 9 months but duration does vary individually. They will be gradually dissolved and eventually excreted. Possible post injection phenomenon include transient swelling, redness and bruise, normally it will subside within 1 week. However, it is not recommended for pregnant, epileptic patients, drug allergy to anesthetic, and those on blood thinning medications such as warfarin and aspirin.

  • Ellanse Dermal Filler Collagen Booster

    Ellanse Dermal Filler Collagen Booster

    As a dermal tissue filler, Ellanse is a new breakthrough as the mixture of hyaluronic acid, radiesse and collagen booster. It is unique for its specificity to be able to fill and lift (eg nose, chin, nasolabial folds and tear trough deformity), and at the same time to induce collagen synthesis. Therefore, its effect can be more stable and durable, normally it can last for more than one year.

    This new member of dermal filler is formed by combing two materials PCL and CMC to produce a good anti-aging effect. Both ingredients are approved by US FDA as safe for clinical usage.

  • HIFU for Face

    HIFU for Face

    Superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) is a muscular layer about 4.5mm underneath the skin, it is important in holding the face in youthful state. However, this layer will get weakened with time and aging process leads to falling and sagging to mid face, resulting deepening nasolabial folds and marionette lines. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound can effectively deliver high ultrasound energy to SMAS layer to form discrete coagulative points which initiates dermal rejuvenation mechanism by laying down new collagen. With the production of new collagen, it leads to effective skin tightening and improve facial contour and the sagginess of mid-face.

  • Poly-L-lactic acid/PLLA

    Poly-L-lactic acid/PLLA

    The elasticity of skin is mostly contributed by healthy collagen and elastin fibers present in the dermal layer, these important elements will gradually reduce in quantity and quality with aging process, and resulted in wrinkles, grooves, hollowness and sagginess. Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) is one kind of fillers and also known as collagen booster. The new collagen was produced when PLLA was broken down into carbon dioxide and water. The newly formed healthy collagen will replace the quantity lost of original collagen, and support the falling down dermal layer, and hence it can achieve wrinkle reduction, cheek augmentation and facial contouring effect (Total Facial Rejuvenation). Commonly treated areas include facial contouring, cheek augmentation, tear trough deformity, sunken temple area, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

  • Polydioxanone Thread for Eye, Nose and Face

    Polydioxanone Thread for Eye, Nose and Face

    PDO, Polydioxanone, has been used as a suture material in surgeries for over 30-40 years, it will dissolve gradually in vitro and has been CE approved.

    What PDO does in vitro to achieve its tightening and lifting effect?

    • Stimulate micro-circulation

    • Improve tissue metabolism

    • Neocolleganesis

    • Creating a supporting frame in subdermal area

    • Stimulate the sagging muscle and hence to refine the facial contouring.

    5 advantages of PDO threadings:

    • Immediate effect

    • Minimal invasive approach for lifting

    • Collagen remodeling

    • Skin tightening effect

    • Lasting effect for 12-18 months

    N-Cog Y-Ko (Nose) for reshaping the nasal contour

    • Create a bony like support when reshaping the nasal bridge

    • Create a perfect lifting angle for nose tip and nasal contouring

    • Lasting effect

    Derma Spring (EYE):

    • Specifically designed for peri-orbital delicate area

    • Tightening lower eye and tear-trough area

    • Improve dark circle, tear trough sunkenness and lighten crow’s feet.

  • Silhouette Soft PLLA Thread Lifting

    Silhouette Soft PLLA Thread Lifting

    Aging face is resulted from shifting of fat pad, muscle weakening and gradual loss of good collagen, all these will cause the face look sagging, wrinkling and drooping. Silhouette Soft Thread Lifting is a minimally invasive procedure with both FDA and CE approval for facial contouring and lifting threads. PLLA is the main ingredient of Silhouette Soft and it has a unique design with PLLA cones appearing along the thread, these cones can specially improve the anchoring effect and its bi-directional is unique amongst other threads so as to be more specific in vector pulling effect. As a result, the lifting and holding effect can be strengthened. Moreover, PLLA has a property of boosting collagen in skin. Therefore, Silhouette Soft does produce a dual effect with both lifting and volumizaton. Silhouette Soft has been designed to contact 8, 12 and 16 PLLA cones, and selection of respective number of cones is subjected to individual need. It has no doubt provided a choice of minimally invasive, minor downtime, fast recovery, natural and longer lasting facial contouring treatment for appropriately selected candidates.

  • Thermage CPT

    Thermage CPT

    Physiological aging process resulted in gradual losing of dermal collagen and connective tissue, leading to wrinkle formation and skin sagginess. Thermage CPT is a safe, FDA approved, non-invasive, mono-polar radiofrequency (RF) procedure that is clinically proven to help smooth and improve skin for an overall younger looking appearance. The treatment delivers electric current which penetrates down the skin and converts into heat energy to initiate dermal collagen remodeling and hence induction of new healthy collagen production, and at the same time, the heat energy can also tighten fine fibrous septum intersecting in dermal layer and result strengthen the anchoring effect. However, those are pregnant, had mental implants, wearing pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices are not suitable for Thermage treatment.

    Clinically proven effective treatment area:

    Peri-orbital area: Sagging upper and lower eyelid area, reduce peri-orbital fine lines, improve drooping eyelid and eyebrow.

    Face: Treating lower face aging signs such as sagging jowl area, improve deepening nasolabial folds.

    Body: Loosening skin under arm, abdomen (after losing weight or post-delivery), wrinkling skin around thighs, buttocks or above knee area.

    Thermage can be used to treat skin colour of any type, however the treatment result may be subjected to individual response, lifestyle, age and condition at presentation, and the duration of result may be varied as well.

    Time required for Thermage treatment varies according to treatment areas, numbing cream will be applied for an hour on treatment area. There will be heat feeling during treatment and the skin will be protected from the heat by cryo-cooling of the machine.